website design spread love
Client: The Human Race

Type: Website Design/Social Good

Passion Project:

It is hard for a online marketing agency to be sustainable or to go “green”. Our founders believe deeply in and practice Zen philosophy.They believe that sustainability starts with self. Meaning no matter how amazing the bio degradable chair that your company creates is, your company is not sustainable if the designer of the chair would not give up his seat on the train for someone who needed it more. Spreadlove.org is our passion project to help promote the idea that sustainability starts with self. We created website that allows people to spread hope and inspiration via anonymous emails. We are using it as a method to get people use to being kind to each other and  learn how to give with out hoping for anything in return. Words, social media and technology are very powerful tools. So we used technology and social media to help people spread life changing words of inspiration to people they know who needs them.

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