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Client: PHILO Media Corporation

Services: SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Video Productions, Website Design,

The Story: PHILO was a social tv check-in app Similar to Get Glue and Miso that allowed you to check-in and chat with other fans of you favorite tv shows. Lavall from FMG went in house with PHILO for some heavy hands on social media marketing, SEO, PPC, email marketing and community building marketing work.

Objective : Utilize Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising, SEO, blog out reach, to increase website traffic and grow membership for a Social TV check in application

Obstacles: Start-up, new industry (social TV), tech issues.

Strategy: Develop a strong community base that will encourage new members to stay and refer others.

Phase 1: Develop and design social media properties and blog. Fix broken prize fulfillment process to repair damaged online reputation, generate Facebook likes, Twitter Followers and build an online community.
Phase 2:
Reach out to TV show fansite and popular blogs to create chat parties that will drive immense traffic to PHILO and grow membership. Create videos, blog and creative content to communicate with site members via social media properties and email campaigns.
Phase 3:
Create PHILO Man a company mascot that website members fall in love with and who brings the community together.


•Partnered with popular online networks
•Generated 70,000 plus unique website visits in 4 months
•Increased membership by 25% in 4 months
•Streamlined prize fulfillment process and shipped hundreds of prizes from our partners
•Grew email list by 20%
•PHILO members created Facebook suggestions tab on our PHILO fan page and took a proactive approach to give us feedback because they loved the website so much
•PHILO was sold to Local Response in record time

Example Social Media Campaign Assets


Chat With Shaq During The Sprite NBA Slam Dunk Contest 2011
Chat with Shaq Video last minute video received 2,500+ views in one night to promote the event on Saturday

Top Tweet about the event by Shaq

Shaq Top Tweet


Facebook Stats

social media marketing Philo FB

Custom Facebook Assets

social media marketing Philo FB3social media marketing Philo FB2

PHILO Community Feedback

philo community feedbackphilo community feed back 2

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