Video Production

Video Production

Our video production team has created everything from video content for social media campaigns to music videos, offering our clients the latest solutions for audio and visual media. Having the experience and the tools to strategically develop concepts in pre-production and being able to successfully execute the productions, we’ve had the pleasure of effectively collaborating with clients on projects across all forms of digital media.


Client Testimonial

“Footnote Media Group has been an incredible asset to the marketing program here at Coca Cola. They provided incredible service and professionalism while keeping an extremely personal feel throughout the process, making it easy to work them time and time again. They constantly go above and beyond the needs of each project, and after hiring them to work on a number of projects for my team over the past few years I can say with the utmost confidence that I plan on using FMG again whenever possible.” – Philip Dunbar, Mobile Marketing Program Manager, Coca Cola, (VitaminWater, Powerade, Smart Water, Noz, Fuze)


FMG Video Production Reel


Completed Video Production Projects